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Arabic Linguist

Location: Various, Iraq
Job # 673633
Date Posted: 09-27-2011
Applicant must be eligible for, or able to obtain, the appropriate personnel clearance required for this position
·         Write and speak clearly and coherently in the Target Language and English
·         Translate or interpret conversations; maintain the integrity and meaning of material
·         Translate general and technical material to and from the Target Language and English
·         Possess a thorough understanding of IC Transliteration guidelines and directives
·         Quickly scan and accurately translate a large amount of material
·         Write reports, such as a gist, summary, transcript or full translation in the time allotted.
·         Read a variety of unfamiliar subjects, relate ideas and make inferences, and rarely misunderstand the intent of
    the writer
·         Converse professionally in formal and informal situations, resolve problems, work with unfamiliar topics, provide
    explanations, offer supported opinions and hypothesize
·         Be proficient in MS Office programs (Word, Excel) and using a computer and devices
Linguist will be prepared and qualified to provide the following services, as directed:
·     Translation/Transcription services:  the translation of written, electronic and multi-media material to and from English and Target Languages.  Materials include but are not limited to:  business, legal, medical, technical, documents, software, websites localization for internet and intranet, video subtitling and captioning.  Services also include but are not limited to:  formatting, proofreading, editing, graphic design, desktop publishing
Linguist may be called upon to provide the following services, if qualified:
·     Interpretation Services:  the interpretation of oral communication to from English and Target Languages.  Interpretation includes but is not limited to:  consecutive, escort, telephonic, and voiceovers.  Interpreter forums may include meetings, conferences, seminars, litigation, briefings, training, military operations, law enforcement, intelligence and operational support.
Clearance:  At least a Final Secret

Important Note:
Every linguist submitted must pass language test that are dated no earlier than six months prior to submission for consideration, regardless of previous work as a linguist/translator.  All scores must be recorded and presented with the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) 5 point scale.  Test must include Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing in English and the Target Language.  All test must be given and graded by an approved, accredited testing organization and the test results must be presented to the COR in the ILR format.
Linguist must achieve a minimum test score of 3 for each test in the Target Language and English
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